Katey Hawley is a copywriter, poet, and artist based in Los Angeles. She has written for slow fashion brands, cannabis dispensaries, and just about everything in between. In a world of content factories spitting out filler for the sake of numbers and likes, she enjoys the process of honing in on a brand’s unique voice and speaking to their audience in a genuine way. 

Katey hails from the midwest, which means she has pretty good manners but still says, “oop!” whenever she almost runs into someone, no matter how much she tries not to do that. She graduated from Elmhurst College, a school no one has ever heard of, with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Art. She hates small talk but loves coffee, people watching, and leaving her phone at home. 

Her personal essays and poetry have been published in The Raffish,  Open Minds Quarterly, and Minerva Rising Press.

You can contact her here, creep on  her LinkedIn here, and check out some of her work here.